Why We Don’t Accept Purchase Orders (POs)

Coaches and school purchasing agents will often email us and ask…

We want to place an order.  Do you accept POs?

The short answer is no, we do not accept POs.  Here’s why…

Schools and Universities can take 6-12 months to pay vendors when purchasing with a PO.  (I worked at two different universities for almost a decade…I know from experience!)

As a small business we cannot operate efficiently waiting 6+ months to collect a payment and usually having to ask for payments many times before actually getting paid.

Another reason we don’t accept POs is because our entire system is automated.  When you pay online using a credit card you’ll immediately setup your username/password and have instant access to the website and be emailed your receipt.

If we were to accept a Purchase Order we would have to manually set up the account and manually send you a receipt.  This may sound like something “small” but it takes man hours…and the more man hours it takes us we would have to charge higher prices to account for that.

I don’t like high prices and I know you don’t like high prices.

That’s why we only accept orders placed on our website using a credit card.